Sport fishing, sport activity consisting of catching fish for recreational and non-profit purposes, as opposed to commercial fishing. In sport fishing fishing rods, reels, line or fishing line, and hooks with natural or artificial bait are used to get the fish. It is one of the most popular forms of entertainment around the world. It allows people to enjoy the outdoors and accept the challenge of their pursuit, fight with elusive fish, and perhaps, obtain food.

Trawling, another form of sport fishing in fresh water, is done from a boat that moves slowly over areas where fish can be caught, dragging a rod with natural or artificial bait and a line of dozens of meters. Trawling is also the preferred method for fishing large fish in salt water, which requires a boat capable of sailing in the sea and equipped with fishing seats (a rotating chair) and especially strong fishing tackle. Once a fish stings and hooks on the hook, the boat stops; the fight begins. The trawlers use heavy rods and dacron or steel lines to prevent the sharp teeth of some species – like the pike in freshwater – from cutting the line effortlessly.